Terms and Conditions

This document describes the terms and conditions under which Wizerz Platform SRL grants you access to the services offered by the wizerz platform and describes the terms and conditions applicable to your use of our services, available on the platform website.

The use agreement between you and wizerz is legally binding and effective as of […] for all users. By using the services on the wizerz platform, you agree with the general terms and principles for our platform.

Please make sure you have read carefully and understood the terms and conditions in this document before registering on the platform. Following the registration on the platform, the conditions in this document become mandatory for any user. By accepting the terms and conditions in this document, you are entering a contractual relationship with the wizerz platform, governed by this document.

1. Definitions

The company Wizerz Platform SRL is headquartered in Bucharest, sector 1, Str. Pitar Moș, nr. 27, et. 5, ap. 17, and is registered with the Trade Register under no. J40/7399/2019, having the tax identification number 41221890, the bank account RO54INGB0000999909207664 and a share capital of RON 210.

The terms “wizerz”, “platform”, “firm”, “company” represent the company Wizerz Platform SRL and the services offered by the same via the wizerz platform.

“Platform” is the platform operated by Wizerz Platform SRL and valid at the internet address www.wizerz.com and any other subdomain of the platform.

“User” is any person accessing the platform, irrespective of the reason.

“User Account” is the account associated with the data of the natural or legal persons who use the platform.

“Client” is the legal person who accesses the platform in order to recruit natural persons that have an account created via the platform. A Client has a single account but, according to its preferences, it may have several users.

“Subscription” is the amount of money owed monthly by the Client for accessing the candidate database in the platform.

“Success Fee” is the amount of money owed by the Client following the filling of a vacancy via the platform.

“Vacancy” is a position in the Client’s organizational chart, already existing or newly created, that is not occupied by an employee.

“Candidate” is the natural person who expressed his/her agreement to be hired via the platform. A natural person has a single account.

“Contributor” is a natural or legal person who acts on the platform as a recruiter of candidates for the natural persons interested to hire persons via the platform, by expanding the candidate database of the platform.

“Inactive Account” is a Candidate account or a Contributor account that has not been used for more than 6 months or for a period determined by updating this Regulation, or the user account that has created a series of uncomfortable situations (unwanted behavior, use of the platform data without contracting the agreed services, failure to pay for the services, etc.).

“Regulation”/“Terms and Conditions”/“Agreement” means this contract for the use of the platform.

2. General Conditions

By accessing the platform, you agree to comply with the terms and rules set forth in this Regulation. This Regulation may be amended, the Users being informed of the amendment only once, 30 days before the entry into force of the new Regulation, by the means of contact (e-mail, sms) indicated upon registration on the platform. If the User continues to use the Platform after the date of entry into force of the new Regulation, it is considered that the User has accepted the new Regulation. We recommend that you consult periodically the “Terms and Conditions”.

Wizers is a platform that manages a database of Candidates interested in a professional change, created with the involvement of Contributors, based on the Candidates’ agreement.

The legal persons who are interested in accessing the database in order to fill a vacancy in their organization by a selecting a Candidate via the platform have to register by creating an account on the platform and becoming Clients.

The Contributors are natural and legal persons, active specialists in the field of recruitment, who contribute to the creation and expansion of the platform’s candidate database, by using efficiently the interactions and experience gained in their current activity. The platform offers Contributors the opportunity to make full use of the resources they access in their activity, while creating employment opportunities for the Candidates who have interacted, at a given time, with recruiters as part of a recruitment process.

The Contributors will observe the principle of good faith in their relationships with other natural and/or legal persons and will ensure that, by seizing the opportunity offered by the wizerz platform, they are not in conflict with confidentiality and/or non-compete clauses resulting from other contracts and/or legal obligations they have towards third parties.

The company Wizerz Platform SRL and/or the wizerz platform will not be a party to any contract/understanding between Clients and Candidates; they only facilitate the connection between the two parties, acting as intermediary. The wizerz platform may not be held liable for the accuracy of the data provided by users.

The wizerz platform will ensure its availability and the availability of the undertaken services, but it may not be liable for any direct, indirect or accidental damages, including, without limitation, damages for loss of profit or of possibility of use or any other losses.

By accepting to use this platform, the user declares expressly and implicitly that it understands the purpose of this electronic platform and undertakes to use it only for the purpose of communication with the other involved parties, in order to identify the appropriate Candidates for vacancies and to contact these.

3. Account Creation

A user may create an account via the wizerz platform if it meets the following general conditions:

  • Capacity to enter into legal acts;
  • The legal/natural person has the right to contract the services made available on the platform;
  • The legal/natural person has a valid e-mail address;
  • The right of the legal/natural person to use the platform was not suspended;

The login data (username and password) must not be communicated to other persons or users. The person that owns a certain account is liable for all the actions carried out via that account. The Client’s user is allocated to a certain company, therefore the company is liable for all the actions carried out from its account.

The platform is free to close or suspend the account of the user who breaches this Regulation and/or the legal regulations in force. By agreeing with this Regulation, the platform is authorized to make any investigations it deems necessary to validate the identity of users. At the request of the persons designated by the platform and/or of the platform, any user is required to provide the information requested in order for the platform to confirm the identity of the user, and to take steps in order to confirm the ownership of the transmitted e-mail address.

The platform acts as a passive factor by making available the framework where demand meets the offer and by publishing the information provided by users; it does not have the obligation to verify, prior to posting, the information received, nor is it liable for its content. The platform is not liable for the data and/or information posted, broadcast or transmitted by users. If so requested, the company may verify and investigate the claims and decide whether the information is real or not.

i. Client Account – for a Client to be able to create an account, it must provide the information in the registration form here.

ii. Contributor Account – for a Contributor to be able to use the platform, it must create an account by using its LinkedIn account.

iii. Candidate Account

The platform is only a digital environment bringing together Clients and Candidates, with the involvement of Contributors.

Via the platform, Contributors can propose the creation of a Candidate Account for the interested natural persons, based on the consent expressed by such persons. The Contributor will propose, on the platform, the creation of a Candidate Account for every interested natural person, which account will contain a link to the LinkedIn profile of the Candidate, as well as answers to the questions predetermined by the platform. After the Contributor recommends the creation of the Candidate Account on the platform, the Candidate will receive an e-mail for the activation of the account, with the related credentials.

The agreement to activate the account on the platform is also the Candidate’s agreement that his/her data such as: desired salary, field of activity, spoken foreign languages, education level, specialized education, etc., be visible for the Clients of the platform, except for the Clients you have blocked or those you do not allow to view your account.

As long as the Candidate Account is active on the platform, the Candidate has complete control over the Clients who can see data about the Candidate. The Candidate can block certain Clients without providing any justification. If the current employer of the Candidate has an account on the platform, the Candidate’s Account will be blocked automatically (if the Candidate has provided this information).

At the same time, the Contributor who proposed the creation of the Candidate Account will be able to make changes in the Candidate Account, after the date when it agreed to activate the account, with the Candidate’s agreement; in his/her turn, the Candidate can make any changes deemed necessary.

The login data (username and password) can be changed by the Candidate at any time and must not be communicated to other persons or users. The person that owns a certain account is liable for all the actions carried out via that account.

By creating the Candidate Account, the Candidate undertakes to provide accurate, complete and true information about himself/herself and, if this information changes, the Candidate undertakes to update the information within at most 30 days from the date when he/she was or should have been aware of such changes.

If you provide information that is not true, accurate or complete, the platform can suspend the candidate account or deactivate the created account and it may also refuse to create another account for you in the future. Any information that is not consistent with reality makes you directly liable for the damage caused to the platform, to recruiters or to employers.

iv. User Account Closing and Suspension

Users may close their accounts at any time, by sending an e-mail to this effect at the e-mail address […], and the account will no longer be active at the end of the month following the month of the request.

If the account of a Contributor is closed, at its request or as a result of the account suspension, the credit balance in its account will be paid by the platform within 30 days from the account closing, into the bank account indicated by the Contributor upon the creation of the account.

If a Client does not pay an invoice issued by the platform and the delay exceeds 15 days, the platform will suspend automatically its account until the outstanding payment obligations are performed. If the delay exceeds 30 days, the Platform is entitled to close the account of that Client.

4. Inactive Accounts

A Candidate or Contributor Account that has not been used anymore, meaning that those users have not logged in for a period of 6 months, becomes inactive.

A Client Account becomes inactive automatically if the Client fails to perform its payment obligations towards the wizerz platform for a period exceeding 30 days after the due date.

The platform reserves the right to close the inactive user account.

The accounts that have been closed by the platform following a breach of this Regulation may be reactivated, at the users’ request, if the owners of the platform consider it is appropriate to reactivate those accounts and the users have provided sufficient guarantees regarding the remedy of the situations that have generated the deactivation of the accounts.

5. Charges and Fees

The natural persons who wish to create a Candidate Account on the platform do not pay any fee to the platform or to the Contributor in exchange for the created account, irrespective of the conditions or circumstances.

Wizerz declines any responsibility for situations where the Contributors, their employees or persons representing them request, in breach of this agreement, fees or other services in exchange for creating a Candidate Account.

i. Fees applied to/owed by Clients

The Clients that wish to use the platform may participate in the platform by purchasing a fixed monthly subscription. The payment of the subscription is a condition for the user to be able to access the platform and the amount paid is not refunded.

The value of the monthly subscription is EUR 500, plus VAT. The subscription amount is due starting with the fourth month after the creation of the account on the platform. If a Client account is reactivated, the subscription amount is due since the reactivation date.

Clients owe Contributors a success fee amounting to EUR 200 plus VAT for every hiring they make via the platform, which success fee is paid to the Contributor via the Platform based on the invoice issued at the time of communication of the conclusion of an understanding between the Client and the Candidate. The success fee will be paid by the Client for any hiring, irrespective whether the contract between the Client and the Candidate is terminated subsequently for any reason, no guarantee being granted. The success fee will not be returned in any circumstances.

ii. Contributors’ Right to the Fee/Success Fee

The fee/success fee of the Contributors will be paid depending on their contribution, as follows:

For every candidate profile made within the platform, the Contributor is entitled to receive a fee amounting to EUR 5, EUR 10 for two candidates, and so on. At the same time, the Contributor is entitled to receive the amount of EUR 10 for every interview scheduled by the Client and confirmed by the Candidate.

If a Candidate among those that created an account following the Contributor’s recommendation is hired by a Client, the Contributor is entitled to receive a success fee amounting to EUR 200.

iii. Changes

Wizerz reserves the right to change the value of the fees owed to Contributors for the services provided, as well as the manner of their payment, subject to the notification of users thereof in advance. The new conditions will enter into force within at least 30 days from their entry into force in the platform and the notification will be made using the contact data entered upon initialization of the Contributor’s account. The Contributors who do not wish to continue to use the platform under the new conditions are asked to stop using it within the time limit mentioned above, as the continuation of the use of the platform is deemed to represent the implicit acceptance of the new conditions.

6. Making Payments

i. Payments to Contributors

The payment to Contributors will be made as follows:

The amounts to which the Contributors are entitled will be highlighted by the platform and will be paid, at the Contributors’ request, within 7 days from the request, into the bank account indicated by the Contributor upon the creation of the user account. If the Contributor’s account becomes inactive, the Contributor will be transferred automatically the amounts due to it in accordance with the records of the platform.

ii. Payment of Subscriptions and Success Fee by Clients

The invoice for the payment of the Client subscription will be issued at the beginning of the month for the ongoing month.

Monthly, at the end of every month for the ongoing month, wizerz will analyze the projects performed via the platform and will communicate to Client a proforma invoice for the success fee owed for the projects performed during that month.

Any invoice issued by wizerz is due within 15 days from the issuing date.

The payment of the services used on the platform will be made only in RON, by bank transfer into the account indicated in the invoice.

7. Use of the Platform

The users are forbidden:

  • To post, broadcast, upload, transmit material (image, text) with content that is: pornographic, erotic or sexually explicit, of any kind and in any form, that promotes acts of pedophilia, incest or ethnic bestiality, religion, disabilities, sex, age, veteran status, sexual identity or orientation;
  • To use inappropriate language in relation to the other users and to the platform support team;
  • To attempt to influence the costs and/or fees due to the platform;
  • To post false, untrue information, that is intended to mislead users, misleading, defamatory, offensive;
  • To conduct operations able to undermine or affect the reputation of the platform or to use the reputation of the platform to obtain illegal gains;
  • To transfer the user account to another person without the consent of the platform;
  • To distribute confidential information received via the platform;
  • To distribute viruses and/or other programs likely to affect the platform or the interests of the company;
  • To publish obscene materials, about the private life, or materials that are illegal, abusive, invasive, vulgar, malicious against another user or a third party, that may harass or cause inconvenience or incite violence, hatred and discriminatory attitude towards any person;
  • To harm the intellectual property rights and the copyrights owned by the platform and/or wizerz;
  • To attempt to alter, adapt, edit or copy the software(s) used by the platform or in connection with the platform;
  • To gather information about the other users, such as e-mail addresses, without their consent and to use these without their consent and/or in illegal and/or immoral activities;
  • To publish material protected by copyright without being the author of the material or without having the author’s permission to publish that material;
  • To upload, post, broadcast, transmit in any way any content for which the user has no legal right to transmit or broadcast under any conditions, under the Romanian legal system or under any foreign legal system, confidential or proprietary information, found or disclosed as part of employment relationships or protected by copyright;
  • To upload, post, broadcast or transmit in any way any type of advertising, promotional materials, junk mail, spam, chain letters, pyramid schemes, or any other form of solicitation, except for the portions of the service that are formed for this purpose;
  • To create profiles relating to: video chat, escort services, erotic massage or other similar;
  • To create multiple accounts on the platform, that are used for the same service or are similar and may create confusion;
  • To promote or provide information about the manner of performance of illegal activities, to promote the physical or verbal harming of any group or person or to promote any act of cruelty towards animals. In this scope we include, without limitation, the provision of information about the manner of manufacturing, procurement or assembling of bombs, grenades or other types of weapons and the creation of crush websites;
  • To post, broadcast or transmit in any illegal way personal data or to enter such data in rubrics that can be viewed by the other users;
  • To use the materials and/or information obtained via the wizerz platform for competitive purposes;
  • To post, broadcast or transmit any other material that contravenes in any way to the legal regulations in force and the rules of conduct;

Wizerz is responsible for verifying the information and data it receives to the extent of the resources it has available, but wizerz does not guarantee the credibility, accuracy and veracity of the information published by users and does not assume the opinions of users.

8. Privacy Policy and Personal Information

The collection and use of personal information is subject to our Privacy Policy, which is part of these T&C and is available here.

By using the platform, you agree with this Privacy Policy. If you do not accept the Privacy Policy, you may not use the platform.

9. Cookie Policy

Like most websites, wizerz uses cookies to offer visitors a pleasant experience when they visit our webpage. The use of cookies is subject to the Cookie Policy, which is part of these T&C and is available here.

10. Security

We implement reasonable security measures that are appropriate for detecting the existence of viruses. However, you should bear in mind that the security measures in place for computer systems on the Internet are not entirely reliable and therefore we cannot guarantee the absence of viruses or any other elements that could cause changes to the computer systems of users or to the data and files contained in the systems of users.

Wizerz may not be held liable for errors occurred due to the negligence of users in relation to the security and confidentiality of their accounts and passwords.

Wizerz automatically collects and stores information in the so-called server records that the user’s browser sends us automatically. This stored information may include: i) the type and version of the browser used; ii) the type of the operating system used; iii) the URL reference ; iv) the hostname or the device used for access; v) the date and time of information receipt by the server; vi) [IP].

The above mentioned information cannot relate to a particular person individually. Moreover, we do not associate the data collected with information from other sources. However, we reserve the right to further review the information if a suspicion of illegal or unlawful use is brought to our attention.

11. Advertisement

Users are forbidden to advertise online and/or offline websites, products or services. Any internet address posted on the platform in any form must be connected with the services offered on the platform.

Wizerz may take actions or measures against the user(s) or against the information recorded by it/them on the platform.

12. Right to Refuse to Provide the Service

The platform reserves the right to terminate, suspend or limit the access right of users, without reason and subject to a 30-day prior notice.

In addition, the company may terminate, suspend or limit the access of users to accounts in cases such as, without limitation:

  • Breach or attempted breach of this Regulation;
  • Attempt to negotiate a private project/service with the purpose to avoid paying the charges;
  • Breach of the intellectual property rights;
  • Participation or intention to participate in fraudulent or illegal activities;
  • The users do not respond to the verification requests received from the platform or do not provide the platform with the information requested for the verification of data within 1 month from such request;
  • Attempt to cause a loss to the platform / to the company / to recruiters;
  • Breach of the legal provisions on the processing of personal data;

The breaches of this Regulation are sanctioned in accordance with the legislation in force and, at the same time, the person who breaches this Regulation is required to pay the amounts due or the costs incurred by the company in order to detect the breach of this Regulation.

13. Disputes and Litigation

Any disputes between the users will be settled without involving the platform or the company it represents, considering that the platform and/or the company it represents is not a contracting party to the contracts concluded by users.

Any dispute with the owner of the platform shall be settled amicably by the parties’ representatives. If it is not possible to resolve disputes amicably, the parties will address the matter to the competent courts.

14. Feedback

Wizerz reserves the right to request feedback from users so that it may improve its services in order to offer the necessary mechanisms for the users to be able to obtain the expected results by using the platform.

The persons who wish to obtain additional information or to signal certain irregularities regarding this Regulation may contact us using the wizerz user service e-mail address or the user service contact data on the platform.